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will this game be released on steam???

At the moment a steam and release is planned.

Great game keep up the good work!

The demo of this game is just wonderful ( to be honest i played it 3 times a day , that shows how much i loved it !!! ) i'm just sooooo exited to see the full version !!!!

but i have a question ( that can be stupid for some people ) will the game be free ? 

Happy to hear you have enjoyed the demo so much!!! As for your question, it's a commercial game so it won't be free.


I will always love this game


OMG! ILOVED THIS DEMO!, EVERYTHING was great! i liked the story very much it's different from anyything i've played before, i create an account just to say this.. I NEED  THE FULL VERSION.

When can we expect for the full version to be released? I'm so excited for this omg

Sorry for the late, we are aiming to release the full game by the end of the year.

Well, thanks! That just means I get to have lots of time playing this over and over again lol

Why is it a demo???I am sad :( cause i played it and then it said  'DEMO END' and  i'm like"WHYYYYYYYYYY????" btw is the full game out yet? if so it is a really interesting and i would be interested in playing the full version and it would be evn better if it was free.....BUT the art style is awsome af and the script is well written so it wouldn't be a suprise if it wasn't free

Sorry for the late reply and I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo :) The full game is in development right now and the release is planned to be this year autumn, and it will be a commercial game.

the art s tyle is unique the gunshots really got me and, it wasn't expected at all!

I'm not sure how many times I said excuse me during this game in my lovely high pitched southern accent cause I know it wasn't a good thing when I did..... 

HI! I loved your game so much when i played through without recording i had to put it on my channel because it gets better every time! I also love the characters personality's!

i just made a gameplay of the 1 part of the Demo.

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Goddamn that cliffhanger :)) I just finished the demo and I had to come back here and write this. I enjoyed it a lot! The art  is really nice and the characters are all really likeable . I  can't wait to learn more about them after the full game is released. I'm very interested in Aito and Sin particularly but every other character interests me in some way or another. My favorite one for the moment is definetely Remi :)) She is sooo adorable. I was also very pleasently surprised to find out that Sheryl is not the typical MC for this type of game, mainly because I didn't read the characters bio before playing it so her personality was a surprise to me, one I very much enjoyed.

What else? I really don't know :)) Usually I would also try to give some sort of criticism I really can't find anything to be nitpicky about. Since it's not all finished I can't exactly comment on that. Also, I would love it if there was a also a route for Rishou, or idiot-sister-maniac as Sheryl nicely put it :)) He is hilarious and I found myself really really liking him, but that may be just because I am a sucker for tsunderes and he seems like one :)) 

That's all from me. Again, I really enjoyed the demo and I can't wait for the full release! 

forgot to say this in my earlier post but I also just love how Sheryl  is she just so friken amazing  because she's not like some of the girl's in thesetypes of  games where their totally clueless, and she's so far really badass XD and I just love and even though she's badass she still has her own flaws, weakness and she can't do everything on her own it really builds the story and the plot I love it also really  builds her back story and once again I'm just in love with this game. 

I love this game so much even though it's only in demo version right now I just Love it!! the story line is amazing, and it just captured my heart and attention right from the start I also love the art style and the characters  they are amazing once again I just love this game so much!! when the full game starts it's gonna be hard for me to choose which route to start first for me it's between:  Fraser , Aito , Hiryuu and for playing after those ones for the first i'd have to choose: Osamu, Lagi and then sin but its going to be so hard to choose I just can't wait for the full game to come out im so excited :)


I'm loving Lagi and it makes me want to know more about Sheryl! He's definitely going to be my first route when I get the full game in August!


I've played the demo and I must say, the characters are really likable! They have quite a varied personality despite myself only seeing so little. I really love how the heroine doesn't express much emotion but you still manage for her to convey emotion through the things that she does. 

Honestly, these characters are some of my favorites and I can't wait to see more :D

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Everytime I look at Hiryuu he seems like he's on a mobile phone . It's the  way he's holding the clipboard to his face lol, maye a design change is due?

I enjoyed the music throughout, the writing seems sparse in places, some of the male characters hairstyles and bulid look very feminine though, more manly looking perhaps?

The background art has potential and I like the small amount of colour backgrounds so far. I know more writing is needed and this is a work in progress still but please give more character interaction, responses etc.

I would like to see some action screenshots of the monsters though although it is a demo, perhaps in full game. Overall it's a good start, has potential going forward and I look forward to seeing its development and release. Good luck!

NOOOOO! I WANNA KNOW MOOOOORE! I wanna know what comes more! THAT ENDING! >.< when is the official release? i will buy it FOR SURE!!


So happy to know you are so excited about the game ^^ The release date will be announced after the currently ongoing Kickstarter campaign ends.

Sin is my husband and Lila is my wife

I've gone through the beginning of her visual novel with this live stream. All narrations were done by me!

I just finished the demo and I'm very excited to see more, I really enjoyed the imagery you conjured in text where the backgrounds are still in development, the Rose Gates especially, I loved the description of wings as the gates.

The characters are wonderfully varied and well designed and I can imagine the huge scope of possibilities with each of their personalities and situations.

I really hope that I can afford to support you in the near future as I can't wait to see what's left to come!


Love, Suki xx

godddd I lovvvvvvedddd it can't wait for the full game. I also like how the main charater isn't one of those cliche characters and shows she has an interseting character it makes me wanna know her storie. (no offense to cliche)

Do you know an approximated date of when the full version will be released?  It seems really interesting, downloading the demo today!


Finished the demo earlier and I LOVE IT! I'm definitely buying the full version when it's released!  >o<

So happy you liked the demo >v<// I will be able to tell an approximate release date after the Kickstarter ends, because that will determine the features of the game (for example whether there will be voice acting) and how much help I can hire.

Ahh, I see! Okay, thank you for the quick reply! I can't wait to see this game after developments! <3

Can't wait for the Kickstarter to be live because I want to support this excellent game!

Waaaahh, thank you!!!


hi again

i wanted to ask if the full game would also be optional purchase or would it be purchase required? (doesn't matter, i'd buy it anyway) 

thanks XD

p.s. keep working hard! i'll wait as long as it takes!



It will be purchase required, and thank you, I will keep doing my best! >v<//


do you know how much it will be so I can save up for it, I'm a very poor bean ;^;


The price of the final game  will be 25$ ( in the first week it week it will be on sale for 23$).


I live in the uk will I still be able to purchase it?


Yes, you will be able  :)

agh this is so good

i'm addicted

the art is just beautiful and the story is gripping

thank you for making this awesome demo, i'll wait for the full version!

p.s. all the guys are hawt

Thank you!!! So happy you enjoyed the demo :D

I am interested

I love it

its amazing I don't think any otome game can compete

I'm so glad you like it so much!!!

Still playing this and so far I'm liking it. :o 

Happy you like it so far and hope you will enjoy the rest too ^v^//

Looking forward to it! :3

Wow. This game is absolutely beautiful. I especially loved the backgronds in the Prologue. From what I can tell, this will be a beautiful game once completed. I appreciate that you released it even with some backgrounds incomplete- I can't wait for once they're all done. The characters are absolutely beautifully drawn, along with their lovable personalities is a wonderful mix for drawing the viewer into the game.

Best of luck with the rest of the game, and I hope this high standard continues throughout the game. I have no doubt it will. You have my support! Even though moral support is rather worthless, I suppose.

Thanks for the great demo. Cheers.


Thank you so much for your comment and your support too! It really made me happy that you enjoyed the demo so much and your support is worth a LOT >v<//

I am hooked on this game. Also absolutely  adoring the characters . Though by far I have to say I am loving Hiryuu! Each characters route seems very interesting.

I'm very happy you like the game and got fond of our dear Student Council president~

Well, I must confess you really got me curious with this plot. I decided to give it a shot because I was bored and I didn't get dissapointed. The relationship between characters are really nice <3 I think my favourite route will be Lagi but Aito seems the most interesting.  So, I am looking forward to full game ;D

Hey! So I actually played the demo last week, but I didn't have an account then so I couldn't post a comment. I actually ended up re playing the demo, and deciding that I absolutely need to tell you how much I enjoyed it, I went and made an account xD  I love the game so far, the world and the characters were very interesting :) I'm really looking forward to the full game because I'm so invested in the world and the premise. I really like Sheryl as the heroine too, and I enjoyed how story oriented this game is, unlike some other games that focus on the romance then story. The art is also very nice too. I have zero knowledge when it comes to making a visual novel, so I cannot offer actual help, but I'm sending moral support!! Good luck with this, and keep up the good work!!

Waaah >////< Sooo glad you liked it so much and moral support is a LOT! It helps me do my best >v<//  thank you~~

Hello! I'm super loving this so far, I'm really excited to see how this all turns out! Perhaps, you might not want to hear this (I'm not really sure how you'll be updating this or just releasing the full game when it's complete), but I would much rather have the script more complete than drawings and character design at first. I know that it's much better to have everything progressing at a good pace in one piece, but it's just a personal preference that I at least want you to know about if you update it! I love the plot and I'm very happy that the characters are much different than what I'm used to seeing in typical otome games. I'm very excited, I really would love to lend a hand in helping but unfortunately I almost have no time in my schedule... Keep up the great work though, I would definitely recommend this to others!


I'm extremely happy you like the characters and the plot so much! It's so encouraging! Will keep working with all I got >v<///


Hey! I absolutely love the demo. It. Is. AMAZING. Keep up the good work. But I do have one request..... for the description you have of the game, it makes it seem like all the features are already there. It's a little misleading so maybe you could change the description >.< Anyway, I'm totally looking forward to when the game gets done. Also, if per chance you need any help with the development of the game, I could lend a hand. I know my way around Ren'Py and I do fancy myself a writer. lol. Thanks for the great game! 


I'm sooo happy to hear that!!! And thank you for the warning, it really was misleading >x<// 

Thanks for offering~ I will probably need some more help later on, so I will drop you a message when the time comes :)