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The world is full of mysteries and secrets.

In the shadows, beyond what the ordinary people can see, demons, witches and other supernatural beings live and fight. 

But on a night 20 years ago, the balance of this world was offset. The happenings of that night are unkown till today for all. Until today, no one knew what truly happened that night. The only sign, one that even normal humans could sense, was the 'Hoshi no Ame': a rain of colorful stars all around the world. Since then, there have been several mysterious occurrences that even supernatural beings could not explain. 

One of these occurrences is the appearance of the Shin. 
The Shin is a mysterious special ability granted to a few human children who were born in the past 20 years. However, this power comes at the cost of great misfortune, bringing danger to to the bearer and those around them.  Because of this several tragedies happened.

Now those children, who have survived such a cruel fate, are slowly gathering in one place to finally reveal the truth:

Aurora Academy.

Aurora Academy
... is a famous school with outstanding results in education and sports in the eyes of normal humans.
But it's also the main location of the attempts to save those bearing a shin in the form of a special class, the Crystal Rose.


Genres: Fantasy, romance, school life, mystery, comedy, action
Rate: 13+, for violence/blood and suggestive themes
Screensize: 1920x1080
Commercial or free? Commercial.
Platform: PC (Steam), possible iOS and Android
Languages: English (French, German later)
Possible Endings: 14 (2 endings/love interest, 2 for the common route)

The full game will contain:
- 70+ hours of game content with branching paths.
- 6 characters to romance
- 20+ side characters
- Partly/fully original soundtrack. Opening and ending video.
- Partial voice acting
- A big set of sprites (main cast- 3 poses, 3+ outfits)
- 30+ backgrounds (several versions as the story takes up a year)
- 95+ CGs, 10+ chibi CGs


Project Leader, Writer, Main Artist: Raikon Kitsune
Composer, Proofreader: Solo Acapello
Assistant Artists: Hana Kuro, kamuiji, Piaalit
Vocalist: Lunacy
Programming: Raikon Kitsune, 
dansylverstere, Haseo, Dovahkitteh
Engine: Ren'py
Proofreaders: AntiquedFae, Anihime, IronForPistons, Venom Wolf

You can also follow the project on;

Website I PatreonLemmasoftTwitterTumblrFacebookInstagram I Fuwanovel I Discord


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Is this project dead or something. 


Apparently they're still updating on kickstarter just not on itch.io

Oh. Thanks! =)

Hey! Sorry to do this again but actually one post was made on 4/12/21 available for everyone to see

You guys are very ambitious! I can't wait for the game to be released!


Theys till seem to be making this game, their kickstarter updates every month, they've just ahd a lot of delays. I'd reccoment looking at their kickstarter update

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Hello, I would like to know if you intend to release the game later this year? The game is wonderful, I look forward to playing <3

Hi, really enjoyes the demo.

Hope this game is still in development. Have you thought of releasing a steam version?


for everyone wondering, the last update was posted on kickstarter on August 5th :)


This game is one of my favourites and i never get tired of it. I really hope it continues in development!

I don't think it was abandoned, the last Ubdate in April ( Kickstarter) was just 2 months. 
I think you need time to develop such a game something like that doesn't happen overnight, 
and you shouldn't forget that covid 19 is also difficult for developers. 
Sorry for my bad English. I am looking forward to when this game is finished and I hope you all stay healthy.

Do we have any recent up to date information on the game? I can only find updates from 2018. Has this project been abandoned?

Yes, if you go to their kickstarter there's an update they made on april 4th

Ah, okay.  Thank you.


Is this going to be availabe on Steam?

And is it gonna be released in this year approximately?

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Let me tell you. I've been here since the beginning when this barely had art and a story (well it had enough to play but not enough for a plot). I'm happy with the progress this game is making and I wish you well.


Hello there...
It's November and since every good mystery, romance, fantastical VN with an interesting female character I've ever wanted to see release has either not EVER been released (cough cough... Queen's Crown... and waiting for Dark Dreams) I just wandered if you had any updates? I know it may seem a little too pushy, but... since I have exams I really hoped I could binge play this for two days and then abandon it for two months... then binge play and LOVE Sin and any of the two others I like (Hiryuu and Osamu... DUH).

I hope you all have a great day overall and that everyone is healthy and keeping up! Bye!


Damn I get that... Queen's crown was such a disappointment regarding the dev going MIA.... But if you need some good recommendations, I'll gladly share mine! 


Right?! Ugh... I was so down when I learned that, I looked everywhere possible to seek any information I might have missed.

Oh, thanks! Would you happen to know anything like the one's I've mentioned? I know they take a lot of work to make, but they're really amazing. And anything with a good plot and graphics, probably Romance, points system for skills and such, I'll take! 


Those are my favorite ones, some of then have a skill system, all of them are visual novels with romance, some of them are finished and some are a WIP:

 Ebon Light (has a skill system)

 When The Night Comes

 The Neptune Diaries


One Thousand And One Days

As We Know It (I think it has a skill system if I remember correctly)

Dark Nights

Cinderella Phenomenon ( I think it has a system as well)

The Lady's Choice 

This, My Soul

Monstrata Fracture

Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons

The Blind Griffin

Halloween Otome (skill system, mini games, point system)

Andromeda Six

The Spanish Privateer

Zodiac Axis

Aurore: Five Princes (day planning & skill systems)

Mnemonic Devices 

Anoldor (a demo is out- a bit similar to Queen's Crown)

Silent Voices

Royal Alchemist (day planning & skill systems)

Gilded Shadows (a demo is out, I think it has a skill system)

I know it's a lot, sorry! I hope you find something you like~ <3

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Hello! Thank you very much for all the recommendations! I know Silent Voices, Royal Alchemist (waiting for the release, so close!), Zodiac Axis (the plot is pretty refreshing and I like the art and the characters), Ebon Light, Dark Nights (downloaded it in November or so, full release, and so far so good. My favorite so far is Reikun). Then Cinderella Phenomenon was really cool! I played through all the routes, if I remember correctly. I was waiting for something else to be release when I realized they made This, My Soul (it was nice, but I still wish Queen's Crown was released...). I played through the demo of When The Night Comes and it was pretty good, so I might check the progress so far.

So far I like what you recommended! Also, I was quite busy, so sorry for the very late answer. I will make sure I check all of them out!
Have a nice day! And take care!

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Hey, no problem! I'm really glad you enjoyed my recommendations (if you want another one, Changeling is one I recently became addicted to too, oops!) 

In Dark Nights, I think you were referring to Zeikun? Because if so, omg yes! He's my favorite too ^^

I hope you're safe and healthy, and I hope you'll have one hell of a time playing these games! sending love xx

edit: Wilder is another great one, there are two routes out currently (Ran's story and Bahadur's story), I hope I'm not bombing you with too much recommendations or anything lol 

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I really like the demo, and I can see that time is being put into it. The art, even when not completely finished, is amazing. The music fits the scenes perfectly and the UI looks really good and polished. The characters, although many, have distinct personality traits and are all interesting and quite mysterious. My favorite characters were definitely Sin and Atio . 

Overall, for a WIP, the demo looks very well-done and polished. I can't wait to see more of this game!

What percentage do you say you're at

will this game be released on steam???

At the moment a steam and itch.io release is planned.

Great game keep up the good work!

The demo of this game is just wonderful ( to be honest i played it 3 times a day , that shows how much i loved it !!! ) i'm just sooooo exited to see the full version !!!!

but i have a question ( that can be stupid for some people ) will the game be free ? 

Happy to hear you have enjoyed the demo so much!!! As for your question, it's a commercial game so it won't be free.


I will always love this game


OMG! ILOVED THIS DEMO!, EVERYTHING was great! i liked the story very much it's different from anyything i've played before, i create an account just to say this.. I NEED  THE FULL VERSION.

When can we expect for the full version to be released? I'm so excited for this omg

Sorry for the late, we are aiming to release the full game by the end of the year.

Well, thanks! That just means I get to have lots of time playing this over and over again lol

Why is it a demo???I am sad :( cause i played it and then it said  'DEMO END' and  i'm like"WHYYYYYYYYYY????" btw is the full game out yet? if so it is a really interesting and i would be interested in playing the full version and it would be evn better if it was free.....BUT the art style is awsome af and the script is well written so it wouldn't be a suprise if it wasn't free

Sorry for the late reply and I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo :) The full game is in development right now and the release is planned to be this year autumn, and it will be a commercial game.

the art s tyle is unique the gunshots really got me and, it wasn't expected at all!

I'm not sure how many times I said excuse me during this game in my lovely high pitched southern accent cause I know it wasn't a good thing when I did..... 

HI! I loved your game so much when i played through without recording i had to put it on my channel because it gets better every time! I also love the characters personality's!

i just made a gameplay of the 1 part of the Demo.

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Goddamn that cliffhanger :)) I just finished the demo and I had to come back here and write this. I enjoyed it a lot! The art  is really nice and the characters are all really likeable . I  can't wait to learn more about them after the full game is released. I'm very interested in Aito and Sin particularly but every other character interests me in some way or another. My favorite one for the moment is definetely Remi :)) She is sooo adorable. I was also very pleasently surprised to find out that Sheryl is not the typical MC for this type of game, mainly because I didn't read the characters bio before playing it so her personality was a surprise to me, one I very much enjoyed.

What else? I really don't know :)) Usually I would also try to give some sort of criticism I really can't find anything to be nitpicky about. Since it's not all finished I can't exactly comment on that. Also, I would love it if there was a also a route for Rishou, or idiot-sister-maniac as Sheryl nicely put it :)) He is hilarious and I found myself really really liking him, but that may be just because I am a sucker for tsunderes and he seems like one :)) 

That's all from me. Again, I really enjoyed the demo and I can't wait for the full release! 


I'm loving Lagi and it makes me want to know more about Sheryl! He's definitely going to be my first route when I get the full game in August!


I've played the demo and I must say, the characters are really likable! They have quite a varied personality despite myself only seeing so little. I really love how the heroine doesn't express much emotion but you still manage for her to convey emotion through the things that she does. 

Honestly, these characters are some of my favorites and I can't wait to see more :D

(2 edits) (-2)

Everytime I look at Hiryuu he seems like he's on a mobile phone . It's the  way he's holding the clipboard to his face lol, maye a design change is due?

I enjoyed the music throughout, the writing seems sparse in places, some of the male characters hairstyles and bulid look very feminine though, more manly looking perhaps?

The background art has potential and I like the small amount of colour backgrounds so far. I know more writing is needed and this is a work in progress still but please give more character interaction, responses etc.

I would like to see some action screenshots of the monsters though although it is a demo, perhaps in full game. Overall it's a good start, has potential going forward and I look forward to seeing its development and release. Good luck!

NOOOOO! I WANNA KNOW MOOOOORE! I wanna know what comes more! THAT ENDING! >.< when is the official release? i will buy it FOR SURE!!


So happy to know you are so excited about the game ^^ The release date will be announced after the currently ongoing Kickstarter campaign ends.

Sin is my husband and Lila is my wife

I've gone through the beginning of her visual novel with this live stream. All narrations were done by me!

I just finished the demo and I'm very excited to see more, I really enjoyed the imagery you conjured in text where the backgrounds are still in development, the Rose Gates especially, I loved the description of wings as the gates.

The characters are wonderfully varied and well designed and I can imagine the huge scope of possibilities with each of their personalities and situations.

I really hope that I can afford to support you in the near future as I can't wait to see what's left to come!


Love, Suki xx

godddd I lovvvvvvedddd it can't wait for the full game. I also like how the main charater isn't one of those cliche characters and shows she has an interseting character it makes me wanna know her storie. (no offense to cliche)

Do you know an approximated date of when the full version will be released?  It seems really interesting, downloading the demo today!


Finished the demo earlier and I LOVE IT! I'm definitely buying the full version when it's released!  >o<

So happy you liked the demo >v<// I will be able to tell an approximate release date after the Kickstarter ends, because that will determine the features of the game (for example whether there will be voice acting) and how much help I can hire.

Ahh, I see! Okay, thank you for the quick reply! I can't wait to see this game after developments! <3

Can't wait for the Kickstarter to be live because I want to support this excellent game!

Waaaahh, thank you!!!


hi again

i wanted to ask if the full game would also be optional purchase or would it be purchase required? (doesn't matter, i'd buy it anyway) 

thanks XD

p.s. keep working hard! i'll wait as long as it takes!



It will be purchase required, and thank you, I will keep doing my best! >v<//


do you know how much it will be so I can save up for it, I'm a very poor bean ;^;


The price of the final game  will be 25$ ( in the first week it week it will be on sale for 23$).


I live in the uk will I still be able to purchase it?


Yes, you will be able  :)

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