Reimei no Gakuen is Funded!

Extremely thrilled to announce that we're now fully funded! Thank you so much to each and every backer for all your support. You're all awesome.

And what is the best way to celebrate that? An exciting preview for the full game!

The story of Reimei no Gakuen will start branching at the third chapter and will end in 7 routes and 14 endings (2 endings for each route).

Beside the love interest, different side characters will get more focus in each of the routes. (In the Route Map you can see a little preview of that too, but it's really only a glimpse.)

All endings will make a full chapter and before entering that chapter, there will be a special last choice(Aiming to add some surprises here^v^)

Also, one of the routes will be 'hidden' pretty much. It won't be locked, so you can play it first too, but it will be rather hard to get. Which one? The route of a certain someone who smiles suspiciously day and night ;D

And a new promo illustration showing this time a different side of our loved main characters.

Now, we've got the funding, but let's not end here! There's still plenty of time left in the campaign, so let's work towards our stretch goals;

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