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Pre-Order is now over for Reimei no Gakuen! The game has been officially released.

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Reimei no Gakuen - Main Page

Reimei no Gakuen Act 1

Reimei no Gakuen Act 2

You can pre-order the full game on this page and receive Reimei no Gakuen Act 1 right away, and the whole game as an update at the final release.

If you want to purchase Reimei no Gakuen Act1,  please visit the main page through the link above.

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The world is full of mysteries and secrets.

In the shadows, beyond what ordinary people can see, demons, witches and other supernatural beings live and fight.

But on a night 20 years ago, the balance of this world was offset. The happenings of that night are unknown to this day. Until today, no one knew what truly happened that night. The only sign, one that even normal humans could sense, was the 'Hoshi no Ame', a rain of colorful stars all around the world. Since then, there have been several mysterious occurrences that even supernatural beings could not explain.

One of these occurrences is the appearance of the Shin.
The Shin is a mysterious special ability granted to a few human children who were born in the past 20 years. However, this power comes at the cost of great misfortune, bringing danger to the bearer and those around them. Because of this several tragedies happened.

Now the surviving children are gathering in one place to finally reveal the truth: Aurora Academy.


Genres: Fantasy, romance, school life, mystery, comedy, action 
Rate: 13+, for violence/blood and suggestive themes 
Screensize: 1920x1080
Commercial or free? Commercial.
Platform: PC, possible iOS and Android
Languages: English

The full game contains:

  • 14 Possible Endings (2 endings/love interest, 2 for the common route)
  • 60+ hours of game content with branching paths
  • 6 characters to romance
  • 15+ side characters
  • Partly original soundtrack
  • 25+ Backgrounds (several versions as the story takes up a year)
  • 65+ Illustrations


Project Leader, Writer, Main Artist: Raikon KitsuneComposer, Proofreader: Solo Acapello
Assistant Artists: LynariNya, Satya rizqy, Hana Kuro, kamuiji, Piaalit
Background Artist: Keira
Vocalist: Lunacy
Programming: Raikon Kitsune, 
dansylverstere, Haseo, Dovahkitteh
Engine: Ren'py
Proofreaders: AntiquedFae, Anihime, IronForPistons, Venom Wolf

Please check out the other sites too;

Website I Patreon I Lemmasoft I Twitter I Tumblr I Facebook I Instagram




Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Reimei no Gakuen - Full Game (Version 1.2) 642 MB
Reimei no Gakuen - Full Game (Version 1.2, Mac) 597 MB

Download demo

Reimei no Gakuen - Final Demo 507 MB
Reimei no Gakuen - Final Demo (Mac) 473 MB

Development log


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Hi. Congratulation on full release. Unfortunately I've caught some errors  and a missing ending (?). Is there a place where I could send the detailed information about them?

Hi, thank you. You can send the detailed information through the website here: https://raikonkitsune.wordpress.com/contact/

Wow, congrats on full release! Have been eagerly waiting for this. I'll wait for the Act 2 though since I already bought Act 1 separately before. Cheers!

Thank you and happy to hear you are excited! Act 2 has also launched just now ;D

>>Reimei no Gakuen Act 2


I can't seem to download it. 

Hi, thank you for reporting, the errors and issues should be fixed now and the fixed 1.3 version is already available.  Hope you can enjoy playing now. If you still run into problems, don't hesitate to send a message and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Yes, the errors have been fixed. Thank you. 😊

Glad to hear. Have fun!

Is there any plans to make a demo? While this intrigues me, it'd be nice if there was a demo especially with that price tag.

Wish you the best with the development!

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theres a demo! It's on the main page - click the Reimei no Gakuen link at the first paragraph of this page and scroll to the bottom before the comments and you can download the demo :) 

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi, as the other comment mentioned, this is the pre-order page and it's still under work. The demo and other things will be added soon here as well. Sorry for the confusion.

It is expensive for me to buy it, oh well, i just hope it is at least of good value, good luck to those who will buy ut